Dairy Promoters in Our Region

If you would like to schedule a dairy promoter visit at your next event, contact the appropriate state coordinator listed below.

Delaware Dairy Princess Committee

Natalie Armstrong, Delaware Dairy Princess
Mackenzie Cusick, Delaware Alternate Dairy Princess
Jordan Deputy, Delaware Dairy Ambassador
Laura Emerson Greer, Coordinator  – Contact – lauraleegreer@gmail.com

Maryland Dairy Princess Committee

Katie Jones, Maryland Dairy Princess

Layla ShepardAlternate Maryland Dairy Princess

Susan Summers, Committee Member Contact – ssummers@comcast.net 

New Jersey Dairy Princess Committee

Kimberly Kolibas, State Dairy Princess
Annabelle Majorossy, Alternate State Dairy Princess

Contact – bdtsmith@gmail.com

New York Dairy Ambassadors

Justin Mesch, Second Associate Dairy Ambassador

Evelyn Kersmanc, State Dairy Ambassador

Olivia Maslyn, First Associate Dairy Ambassador

Contact – bmeyer@milk4u.org

Pennsylvania Dairy Princess

Emily Wright, Pennsylvania Alternate Dairy Princess

Alexis Butler, Pennsylvania Dairy Princess

Mackenzie Thomas, Pennsylvania Alternate Dairy Princess

Virginia Dairy Princess

Madison Sifford, Virginia Dairy Princess

Rachel Craun, Virginia Alternate Dairy Princess

Hayley Daubert, Virginia Dairy Duchess

Molly Elgin McWilliams, Chairperson, Contact – melgin93@gmail.com

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