Dairy Promoters in Our Region

If you would like to schedule a dairy promoter visit at your next event, contact the appropriate state coordinator listed below.

Delaware Dairy Princess Committee

delaware dairy princess

Bethany Knutsen, State Dairy Princess

Laura Emerson Greer, Coordinator
Contact – lauraleegreer@gmail.com

Maryland Dairy Princess Committee

Maryland dairy princesses

Elizabeth Karides, State Dairy Princess, Emily Stiles, Alternate

Susan Summers, Committee Member
Contact – ssummers@comcast.net 

New Jersey Dairy Princess Committee

Brittany Smith, State Dairy Princess

Reegan Domagala, Coordinator
Contact – rdomagala@milk4u.org

New York Dairy Ambassadors

Annika Donlick, State Second Associate Dairy Ambassador; Gabriella Taylor, State Dairy Ambassador; Katie Jasmin, State First Associate Dairy Ambassador

Reegan Domagala, Coordinator
Contact – rdomagala@milk4u.org

Pennsylvania Dairy Princess

Pennsaylvania dairy princesses

Kelly Bliss, (Alternate Dairy Princess); Mikayla Davis, (Dairy Princess); Crystal Bomgardner, (Alternate Dairy Princess)

Linda Gilbert, Program Director
Contact – Linda@padairy.org

Virginia Dairy Princess

Virginia dairy princesses

Mindi Freed, Virginia Dairy Princess; Cassidy Lam, Outgoing Virginia Dairy Princess; Elizabeth Goodwin, Virginia Alternate Dairy Princess.

Molly Elgin McWilliams, Chairperson
Contact – melgin93@gmail.com

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