Looking for education materials about dairy farming and where milk comes from?

Interested in free dairy lesson plans and classroom activities that meet curriculum standards?

Wish that students could have a farm tour experience at no cost, and without having to leave the classroom?

American Dairy Association North East is here to help! Check out the education materials below to find the perfect fit for your in-classroom dairy education needs.

Dairy Lesson Plans

Fun on the Farm Video Series

Virtual Farm Tours

Discover Dairy Education Programs

Dairy Lesson Plans

Are you looking for educational content that accurately represents today’s dairy industry? Look no further! Our standards-based lesson plans about dairy foods and dairy farming give teachers and students the opportunity to learn why dairy is an important part of a balanced diet, find out how milk moo-ves from a local dairy farm to their kitchen table, and discover how today’s dairy farmers use science and technology to keep their cows healthy and protect our environment, all while featuring real dairy farm families from across the northeast!

Lesson plans are available for elementary, middle, and high school levels. Download these lesson plans at no cost.

Elementary Lesson Plan

Middle School Lesson Plan

High School Lesson Plan

Virtual Farm Tours Lesson Plan with Curriculum Standards Included

Fun on the Farm Series

Dairy farmers from throughout the North East region have graciously opened their barn doors to give us an insider’s view of modern dairy farming through the Fun on the Farm video series!

Virtual Farm Tours

Taking your class on a tour of a real dairy farm isn’t always an option. That’s why we started our Virtual Farm Tour program. Kids of all ages can watch grade level appropriate dairy farm tours without leaving their classroom.

Find out more information about our upcoming tour dates and enjoy some of our past virtual tours on our Virtual Farm Tours page.

Discover Dairy

American Dairy Association North East also supports dairy education programs created by the Pennsylvania Center for Dairy Excellence. Discover Dairy is an engaging, interactive, multi-leveled educational lesson series that meets Common CORE Standards for math, science and Reading while incorporating social studies. These show upper elementary and middle school students where milk comes from and how dairy farmers contribute to our world.

Make dairy farming “come alive” for your students with Adopt a Cow.

For more information, visit Discover Dairy.

Dairy Farm Facts

Visit our Dairy Farm Facts page to discover additional dairy facts to share with your students!

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