In “Social Media Mavens Ag-vocate for Dairy,” Claudia and Evelyn Leubner introduce us to life on Maple Lane Farms in Marietta, New York. The sisters take us around Tim’s Pumpkin Patch, the family’s pumpkin patch. Tim’s Pumpkin Patch, in Marietta, began the process of hauling the remaining pumpkins from its 65-acre patch to nearby Maple Lane Farms for more than 1,000 dairy cows to consume.

Claudia and Evelyn Leubner, together with younger sister JoJo, are also known as the “NY Farm Girls” on social media. They chronicle their journey as farmers’ daughters – and farmers themselves – through their popular social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. The sisters are dedicated to educating hundreds of thousands of followers through a different lens – the perspective of savvy, relatable and very hardworking young women.

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