In This American Dairy Farmer, From Waste to Watts, we introduce you to Chris Noble of Noblehurst Farms in Linwood, New York. Chris and his young daughters are helping to take the butter sculpture, that was featured during the Great New York State Fair, back to their farm for recycling.  

From Wall Street to Sustainable Farming

Chris Noble is a dad, a dairy farmer and a steward of the environment. He is the seventh generation to farm at Noblehurst, first earning his MBA from Cornell University, then working on Wall Street in New York before returning to the farm. 

Turning Waste to Watts

Chris explains how the farm’s anaerobic digester takes manure and combines it with food waste from grocery stores and universities to create energy. That energy is sent back to the electrical grid, providing enough watts to run the farm’s operations and power more than 300 homes. 

This ‘waste to watts’ technology was born out of Noble’s desire to farm with the greatest level of care for the environment. Sustainable farming initiatives like this position Noblehurst Farms as a leader in the dairy industry. This cutting-edge way of farming has also created diverse businesses that help support their dairy operations.  

Be a ‘maker’ not a ‘taker’

We also meet Chris’s father, John Noble, who says protecting the environment is what will take Noblehurst Farms successfully into the future. John says one of his business goals is to be a ‘maker’ and not a ‘taker.’  

This philosophy is evident in all of the ways that the Noble family farms with love of animals and the land. 

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