In this episode, an exuberant Natasha Stein Sutherland recounts childhood at Stein Farms in LeRoy, New York, the dairy farm that her grandfather started in 1956 with two cows that came with the property.

“The neighbors literally came over and taught my grandfather how to milk those cows and that’s how Stein Farms got its start,” Sutherland said. “The farm shaped my childhood and now I’m blessed to work with five family members every day.”

Sutherland brings a unique perspective to the New York dairy industry, having spent seven years managing herds in New Zealand, where she met her husband while studying dairy science through Cornell University’s exchange program.

“I am the happiest person I know because I get to care for an amazing group of cows. I love what I get to do,” Sutherland said.

Watch “This American Dairy Farmer” to see how Sutherland tends to her dairy herd while also looking after the pristine blue-ribbon trout stream that runs alongside Stein Farms.