In this episode, Lucas Schonfeld, herd manager of Aurora Ridge Dairy in Aurora, N.Y. Schonfeld competes in triathlons with several Ironman finishes under his belt.

“Training for a triathlon is not unlike how I care for my cows. Nutrition is a key to my training and success. We have a team of nutritionists at the farm who are focused on providing the essential nutrients that these cows need to produce quality milk,” Schonfeld says.

Watch “This American Dairy Farmer” to see how Schonfeld competes in triathlons with his dad, just like he followed in his father’s dairy farming footsteps. The Schonfeld family turns Ironman Triathlon events into family vacations.

“I always knew I would grow up taking care of dairy cows. As young as I can remember, I planned to go to college to study animal care and be involved in the dairy industry,” Schonfeld says. “I can’t imagine doing anything else.”