Dairy Farmers Mike and Mary Creek give us a tour of Palmyra Farm in Hagerstown, MD.

Mike kicks off the tour, showing us the family farm where they milk 100, mostly Aryshire cows as well as raise and house cows for the community to show.

Mike’s mother, Mary shows us how she takes care of the calves. We learn how calves start their lives in hutches and mature to living in the barn. Once they are old enough, the cows are free to roam on the pasture or stay in the barn. We also learn about the cows’ diet and how Mike and Mary ensure their herd has all the nutrition it needs.

Mike wraps up the tour sharing the legacy he’d like to pass down to his daughter and her cousins, one of opportunity and responsibility for themselves, the animals, and the products they produce. The Creek brothers hope to leave big shoes to fill for their kids as their parents have left for them.