Don’t know about you, but extreme cold temperatures are not my idea of fun. It’s even more challenging when you’re a dairy farmer. The deep freeze requires a lot of extra time and energy to make sure all the animals are fed, watered, and warm… especially calves.

calfs wearing winter clothing on a snowy day

1. Coats for Calves

To keep calves warm and safe in winter months, dairy farmers provide them with an assortment of either blankets, a custom-tailored calf jacket and ear muffs for an extra layer of warmth.

Man helping a calf in a heat dryer box

2. Heat Wave

Dryer boxes help get newborn calves completely dry so that they don’t catch a chill.

3. Home, Sweet Home

The calves are kept either inside the barn or housed outside in individual calf hutches where they have extra straw for their bedding in which to nestle in and stay warm.

What’s it like inside a calf hutch?

Screenshot of a Will O Crest Farm Facebook video

4. More Food Matters

Because they use extra energy in the winter, newborn calves may be given some extra milk and the older calves more grain to make sure they have the energy they need to stay warm. Farmers make sure their water is fresh, not frozen!

Sure, working in Winter Wonderland may be more challenging, but it’s certainly worth it. Caring for calves now helps ensure the farm’s future. In a couple of years, those calves will become milking cows… a very good reason to ensure the little ones get off to a good start!

Who Wore It Better? 

calf in a green jacket

Calves born at the Calving Corner at the 2018 Pennsylvania Farm Show left in stylish fashion, wearing calf coats. They’re not the only ones parading around in their winter wear. Who wore it better?

Winter Blues

Stirring and impressive, brighter blue trends for the days ahead and pairs nicely with a dairy cow patch-style print… seen on the model in faux fur fabric. Only the calf is wearing the real deal!

Pretty in Pink

These ladies bring udderly flirtatious charm to the Spring 2018 palette!

Green with Envy

Accessories complete these outfits of calm and composed green.

Be your own calf fashionista! Get styling patterns and instructions to make your own calf blankets for Jerseys and Holsteins from a dairy farmer who’s been making calf blankets from fleece, wool and other warm fabrics for nearly 20 years…. Because on a dairy farm, a calf’s needs always come first!