Scorching hot summer days have sparked interest about how dairy farmers keep cows cool in the heat. ADA North East is working with dairy farmers across our region, starting in New York and Pennsylvania, to facilitate media interviews showing how farmers help cows stay comfortable when temperatures climb.

Here are some of the media stories the ADA North East’s public relations team helped place.

New York

Dairy farmer Paul Fouts, from Fouts Farm in Groton, New York, explained In his interview with Syracuse’s WSYR-TV how fans are being used in a slightly different way. “This barn that we’re in right now, we’re blowing across for the most part,” Fouts said. “The advantage of that is we are blowing fresh air in for the full length of the barn, rather than picking up hair and dust and stuff on the way.”

Oakwood Dairy in Auburn, New York, featured on, had Owner Kelly O’Hara showing his  insulated barn, with cooling fans and soakers that help keep cows body temperature low. The story also featured Herd Manager Garrett Miller and ADANE’s Emma Swarthout.

Dairy farmer Hal Adams, from Black Brook Farm in Manchester, shared in his interview with Rochester’s WROC, how much more water cows drink in the summer time. The Messenger Post also interviewed Adams.

Dairy farmer Kelly Reynolds, of Reyncrest Farm in Corfu, New York, was interviewed by Batavia Daily News.


Dairy farmer Mark Bradley, of Bradley Dairy Farm in Sayre, Pa., spoke with WENY (Elmira, NY) about how he keeps his cows cool by keeping them in the protective shade of the barn. He was also featured in a story by RFD-TV (Nashville, TN).

Dairy farmer Jared Kurtz, of Kurtland Farms in Elverson, Pa., featured on Allentown’s WFMZ, talked about how their barn was built with cow comfort in mind with proper air flow, fans, and comfortable stalls.