Goal: To recognize local dairy farmers and showcase the unique actions they take on and off the farm to help sustain and improve the dairy industry.

Purpose: To reward dairy farmers or dairy farm families who display a passion for dairying and use practices that will help lead their dairy, and our industry, into the future.

Award Description: An overall winner and honorable mention will be presented in each of the three categories (Animal Care, Community Outreach, and Environmental Stewardship).These winners must reside and farm in ADA North East territory. All recognized farms will receive a “Dairying for Tomorrow” barn sign to display.

Those recognized must take part in a farm walk-through with an ADA North East staff member to qualify. This walk-through will include a brief tour of the farm and confirmation of all information submitted on the nomination form.

The overall winners and honorable mentions in each category will receive a farm photo shoot. Photos will be made available to winners and will be used by ADA North East in social media campaigns and educational projects.

Additionally, to help demonstrate the impact dairy farmers have on their local communities, overall winners in each category will have a donation (valued at least $1,000) made in their name to an ADA North East retail or school initiative to drive dairy sales and develop young consumers’ enjoyment of dairy. 

Awards will be presented during the dairy awards breakfast at the New York State Fair, the ADA North East dairy farmer luncheon at Ag Progress Day in Pennsylvania or during the dairy show at the Maryland State Fair depending on the location of the recognized farms. Winners will be notified in advance and invited to attend the award presentation.

Award Criteria:

1. Applicant must be at least 18 years old.

2. Applicant must be located within ADA North East territory.

3. The farm must currently be shipping milk.

4. The contact name and phone number of two non-family and/or farm partner references must be included in application.

5. All entries received, and any materials submitted as part of the nomination, become the property of ADA North East and will not be returned.

6. Online submissions only.

7. Nominations may come from any affiliate of the farm including, but not limited to: owner, employee, veterinarian, nutritionist, feed salesman, extension agent, etc.

8. Nominees may only be recognized in one category. 

9. The online submission period runs January 15, 2020 through June 15, 2020.

For questions on the award or application process, please contact Beth Meyer, at bmeyer@milk4u.org.

The Dairying for Tomorrow award program is sponsored by American Dairy Association North East.

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Take a Look at Past Winners

King Brothers Dairy

Schuylerville, NY

2019 Community Outreach Award Winner

Dave and Marie Graybill - Red Sunset Farm

Mifflintown, PA

2019 Environmental Stewardship Award