ADA North East’s youth programs team continues to support local school districts and school nutrition directors to ensure students are getting milk with their meals during the quarantine. The 1,800 school districts in our region representing 13,865 schools receive our weekly e-blast reminding them that “Milk is a Must.â€_x009d_

We developed and shared a fact sheet in the e-blast — Serving Milk During School Closures — that gives successful distribution practices used by school districts including equipment options; freezing milk prior to distribution; enlisting assistance from the National Guard, milk processors another local community groups; and bulk milk distributions.

Recently, USDA issued a waiver for child nutrition program restrictions due to COVID-19, allowing schools to serve bulk milk distribution. This means as long as a minimum of eight ounces of milk is provided with each meal being supplied, the milk may be in a larger container. Learn more in question 18 in the document.