Yvette Longenecker of Penn-England LLC, a 2,000-cow dairy farm in Williamsburg, Pa., is the focus of ADA North East’s most recent “This American Dairy Farmer” video series. Yvette is a partner in the family business that milks 2,000 cows at three locations in the Morrison’s Cove area of central Pennsylvania. To-date the new series’ the first two farmers’ stories have already garnered more than 421,000 video views!

This American Dairy Farmer is a documentary-style video series developed by ADA North East to showcase dairy farmers’ stories. Each two-part story profiles a dairy farmer with a behind-the-scenes look at their families and farm heritage and they explain why they are passionate about dairy farming.

The first two farmers featured were Pennsylvania Dairy Promotion Program board member Marie Canon from Canon Dairy in West Middlesex, Pa., and Mark Murray of Murcrest Farms in Copenhagen, N.Y.