About 25 percent of cheese sold through the foodservice channel is used on pizza, and pizza has outsold all other foodservice categories during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pizza Hut launched its new large “3-Topping Stuffed Crustâ€_x009d_ pizza promotion this month, accelerated from their original plans to launch in the fall as a way to help boost cheese sales now. The pizza uses almost twice the amount of cheese as a regular pie, and the promotional campaign is running through July 6.

Because of dairy checkoff’s established national pizza partnerships, a new opportunity arose with Papa John’s pizza to address cheese surpluses as restaurants have been shut down. They are now adding two ounces of extra mozzarella cheese on several menu items, thanks to a joint effort with Leprino Foods, a leading pizza cheese supplier, and Dairy Farmers of America. Checkoff is providing funding to help with marketing and advertising. The campaign ends Aug. 31.