COVID-19 has increased consumers’ interest in where their food comes from. ADA North East hosted a webinar this week to discuss fear-based food marketing especially related to dairy for 250 registered dietitians from the New York State Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and from other regional affiliates. Building relationships within the health professional sector helps establish their confidence in milk and dairy foods and builds credibility for the dairy industry, that they will share with their clients.

Award-winning author, dairy farmer and expert in connecting farm and food Michele Payn presented “Don’t Buy B.S. (Bull Speak): How Food Bullying Hurts Your Health” to address how food bullying affects what shoppers buy. She provided an overview of the consequence of misinformation on food prices, the food insecure and on farmers.

“Food bullying operates from a point of privilege and preys on fear. It removes choice in both food and farming.” — Michele Payn