Celebrate Halloween by participating in the 2022 Halloween social media campaign promoting chocolate milk and other dairy-rich recipes. Here’s everything you’ll need:

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Key Message

Chocolate milk provides more than just a way to satisfy your children’s sweet tooth. It also provides them with many health benefits:

  • 13 essential nutrients
  • Bone-building calcium and vitamin D
  • Energy fueling protein
  • Hydration

Sample Photos, Links and Social Posts

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Chocolate milk added value – PHOTO

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Downloadable photo: https://dairyspot.box.com/s/1ugcsv24zijghekpsmuajutmbt48t97v

Suggested Social Post: Given the options of a trick or treat? Definitely treat yourself to thirst-quenching #ChocolateMilk. It’s bone-building calcium in sweet disguise. #Halloween @americandairyNE  

Dairy-rich Recipes for Halloween

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Bloody Hot Chocolate

 Suggested Social Post: A ghoulish #Chocolatemilk potion that’s sure to satisfy – and energize – all the ghouls and goblins as they’re out trick-or-treating! #Halloween @americandairyNE

 Recipe Link: https://savorrecipes.com/recipe/bloody-hot-chocolate/


Mini Candy Corn Cheesecakes

Suggested Social Post: Pair these #Halloweentreats with nutritious #chocolatemilk – you’ll be surprised how quickly they disappear. @americandairyne

Recipe Link: https://savorrecipes.com/recipe/easy-mini-candy-corn-cheesecakes/

Red Velvet Cheesecake Mummy Truffles

Suggested Social Post: Haunt your kids in the best of ways with mummy truffles! #Halloweenrecipe @americandairyne

Recipe Link: https://savorrecipes.com/recipe/red-velvet-cheesecake-mummy-truffles/


Spider Web Yogurt Fruit Dip

Suggested Social Post: Get tangled in a web of goodness with this #Halloweenrecipe #yogurt fruit dip. @americandairyne

Recipe Link: https://savorrecipes.com/recipe/spider-web-yogurt-fruit-dip/

Yogurt Banana Ghost Pops

Suggested Social Post:  Hungering for something haunted?👻 #Halloweentreats Haunt your hunger back with a ghostly treat. @americandairyNE

Recipe Link: https://savorrecipes.com/recipe/yogurt-banana-ghost-pops/

Take Creativity into Your Own Hands

Get creative this Halloween. Post your own original photos. Need some inspiration?

  • Share a photo or video of you and your family making one of the above recipes or activities
  • Share a throwback photo of yourself from Halloween past
  • Show your children in their costumes drinking chocolate milk
  • Show a cute calf dressed for Halloween

Additional Resources 

Downloadable Logo – Chocolate Milk: The Official Drink of Halloween (PNG format): https://dairyspot.box.com/s/uudw1ji274th89os9s5ugmk9ood0iwbu