Half of all U.S. shoppers are buying groceries online, at least occasionally. 2021 online grocery sales reached $97.7 billion as more than 70% of U.S. households (93 million) received one or more orders during the year.

ADA North East has added online e-commerce promotion of dairy items to on-going retail promotions as the pandemic changed consumers shopping habits. By using online “clickable” banner ads and online contests and campaigns, we encourage the sale of fluid milk and cheese.

Campaign examples activated in 2021

  • “You’re Gonna Need Milk for That” – joined with MilkPEP to promote milk with Olympic and professional athletes on Instacart that targets ALL retailers.
  • Make Milk Moments” – ADA North East’s holiday campaign that encouraged families to use milk and dairy in their holiday recipes and enter an online sweepstakes contest.
  • “Chill with Cheese” – a holiday campaign with Tops Markets to drive cheese sales.

Additionally, our consumer-facing lifestyle website SavorRecipes was an early adapter of this technology, featuring the ability to select a local store to build your shopping list and have your ingredients delivered. Because this site is designed by dairy promotion, only REAL dairy ingredients are listed as options and suggested substitutions.