American Dairy Association North East has helped coordinate logistics, communications and distribution of 85,000 gallons of milk donated by Dairy Farmers of America to families in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. The need for food assistance is drastically increasing and the dairy industry is ramping up efforts to help get milk to families in need.

Just this week, ADA North East and DFA organized the delivery of nearly 45,000 gallons of milk. In the Syracuse, N.Y., area a drive-thru distribution location at the Destiny USA Mall provided 4,700 gallons of milk. Nearly 2,200 cars passed through the line, with two gallons given per car. The Syracuse City School District received 1,998 gallons for its students’ families, and Onondaga County residences for seniors received 1,078 gallons of milk.

Additionally, this week nearly 36,400 gallons were delivered in Queens, Binghamton and Corinth, N.Y., Philadelphia, Pa., and New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware.

Several locations are now requesting and receiving second and third deliveries of milk due to the high demand, especially densely populated locations.