With 71 percent of yogurt sold in retail stores, dairy farmers through ADA North East are working with Pittsburgh-based Giant Eagle Corporate stores to install yogurt dividers to provide a positive shopping experience for consumers and to boost sales in the dairy aisle.

Yogurt dividers contemporize the look of the dairy aisle by keeping the products organized and easy to find. The dividers feature tabs to pull the product forward; are ventilated to keep product cold and promote cleanliness; and are easy for store employees to clean.

“We worked with Giant Eagle on a five-store test project where we invested in the equipment for the stores in order to prove its efficacy in improving product quality and sales,” said ADA North East CEO Rick Naczi. “As a result of the success of our minimal investment, the retailer has committed to investing its own resources to install the dividers in 11 store remodels.”

ADA North East conducted a similar program with Weis Markets in 2019. The retailer then invested approximately 15 times the amount of the initial funding to install yogurt dividers in more 80 percent of their stores.

Yogurt dividers are part of ADA North East’s Dairy Aisle Reinvent program that provides “makeovers” to the dairy case, which has been incorporated by more than 1,800 stores from several different retail chains across the region. The installations include customized signage that directs shoppers to the real dairy in the dairy case; incorporates farm-to-table features; and highlights nutrition information and product use ideas.