ADA North East is adjusting the way we reach the health professional community with dairy nutrition information as face-to-face meetings and trainings have been postponed due to COVID-19.

Dairy farmer and registered dietitian Abigail Copenhaver of Stanley, N.Y., joined the ADA North East health professional staff to develop a webinar called “Thinking Globally, Acting Locally; A Recipe for Nutrition Sustainability.â€_x009d_ The webinar will be featured on the Pennsylvania Academy of Nutrition and Dietetic Association’s website for its 3,200 members to view. Abbey discussed the role registered dietitian nutritionists can play in helping food companies, institutions and people sustainably feed more than nine million consumers by 2050.

Our health professionals are also sending an e-blast to 28 state and regional health organizations and school nurses with more than 46,000 members, in addition to retail registered dietitians. The e-blast includes a National Dairy Council information related to healthy eating, diabetes, cultured products, whole milk and more, as well as dairy curriculum and ADA North East virtual farm tours for kids-at-home, and self-care tips.

View the complete Health Professional Educational Resources PDF included in the e-blast.