Messaging and images about the benefits of Refueling with Chocolate milk were in the sights of some 3,800 high school track athletes at the New Balance High School Nationals in New York City this past March 11-13.

Dairy farmers, through ADA North East, have a partnership with The Armory as part of our extensive sports marketing program to promote chocolate milk as the best beverage to refuel after exercise. The Refuel signage is in place in the Armory Café and chocolate milk is available for purchase by athletes and spectators.

While participants enjoyed free chocolate milk for refueling, attendees were invited to take part in a social media sweepstakes.

The Armory hosts more than 100 track and field competitions, where more than 220,000 student athletes train and 300,000 visitors tour each year.

Chart comparing health benefits of chocolate milk and sports drinks