Did you know that 80% of milk, 71% of yogurt and 33% of cheese are sold through retail locations? That’s why your dairy checkoff retail team works closely with supermarket chains throughout the region to ensure that dairy cases are kept clean, cold and well stocked. To date, 1,525 visits have been completed in 2022.

As part of the Dairy Aisle Performance Program, our team builds long-term relationships with dairy case managers through store visits and audits. During these assessments, our team identifies and recommends solutions for hygiene issues in the dairy case. Keeping the dairy case well-stocked, at the proper temperature and product properly rotated all help to best position dairy for sales potential.

We also help make sure the REAL dairy is best positioned in the dairy case and encourage retailers to cross-merchandise and offer dairy products in other sections of the store. These “dairy pairings” include cheese in the meat section, yogurt, cheese and whipped cream in the produce section and single-serve milk in the deli, sandwich and bakery sections.

Retail chains that have subscribed to the dairy case audit program include Giant, Tops, Fresh Grocer, Shop ‘n Save, Safeway, Shoppers Food & Pharmacy, Karns, Acme, Hannaford and Giant Eagle.

Retail store audits help to ensure dairy cases are clean, cold and well-stocked.