Between March and June all milk sales were up by 12 percent in the Northeast U.S., and up by 9.6 percent across the country. Since the beginning of the year (pre-COVID-19 to date) all milk sales are up by 5.4 percent in the Northeast and 4.5 percent in the nation.

Dairy remains in high demand because consumers are still preparing more meals at home – even as quarantine restrictions are being lifted. ADA North East’s retail team continues to do its part to make sure consumers have access to milk and other dairy products by assisting some retail stores in stocking shelves as needed — more than 157,000 units to-date in 1,200 stores.

Our Dairy Aisle Performance Program helps monitor dairy cases to ensure they are clean, cold and well-stocked. So far this year our retail team has made nearly 4,250 store visits, putting us on track to surpass the usual 6,000 visits in a normal year.