NMAForty health care professionals from nine states tuned in for a webinar hosted by ADA North East for the National Medical Association. These opportunities place dairy front and center with physicians, pediatricians, and other medical professionals who share nutrition information and guidance with their clients and patients.

Results of the conference showed that the participants who engage with nearly 15,000 clients or patients monthly support the health benefits of milk and dairy foods and most recommend at least three servings of dairy a day. Many also expressed interest in learning more about milk allergies and lactose intolerance, dairy nutrition myths, and the differences between milk and milk alternatives.

Speaker Clancy Harrison, registered dietitian, ambassador for National Dairy Council and spokesperson for ADA North East presented “Food Insecurity: A Physician’s Direct Response to COVID-19.” She discussed how health care professionals can help their clients and patients gain access to milk using ADA North East resources, and through the National School Breakfast Program, Summer Meals program and local food banks.