Jeff King of King Brothers Dairy, Schuylerville, N.Y., recently joined American Dairy Association North East to host social media food influencers and content creators to help build their trust in dairy. The group gathered at farm-to-table BLACKBARN Restaurant in New York City.

ADA North East and its consumer-facing food website,, have cultivated long-term relationships with the 13 creators who attended who develop innovative content to inspire consumers to purchase milk and dairy foods.

“Nurturing these influencer relationships goes a long way in building confidence in dairy,” said ADA North East CEO John Chrisman. “And when they make connections with the dairy farmers who are committed to sustainably producing milk, they are going to positively promote dairy to their millions of social media followers.”

King also provided two ice cream flavors from King Brothers Dairy for the group for a tasting during the dinner.

“I enjoyed meeting the influencers who are promoting and representing our high-quality products and was pleased at how engaged and interested they were to hear about our farming practices,” said King. “Having these opportunities to interact with consumer influencers is crucial to further improving sales and building consumers’ trust in dairy.”

“The creator dinner was a great way to learn more about dairy farmers, the industry, and the source of the dairy I use and trust daily. I loved the vibe of the event and the curation of the dinner, especially the pumpkin spice ice cream at the end,” said Natasha Greene of ASiliGlamCooks.

Owner and chef of BLACKBARN Restaurant John Doherty said, “I look forward to hosting more events with you and even expanding on the messaging and menu that will further support your mission.”

Visit to see content developed for consumers by these creators. The website also conveniently offers the e-commerce option to purchase recipe ingredients online from your local grocery store – with NO substitution for real dairy products.