This week, 16 dairy advocates who belong to ADA North East’s DairyFAN (Dairy Food Advocacy Network) program participated in a virtual conference to hone their social media skills. DairyFAN is a leadership program designed to aid farmers and “ag-vocatesâ€_x009d_ in engaging with the public about farms and food, and the conference focused on creating positive content and using analytics to benefit that content.

Fabius, N.Y., dairy farmer and DairyFAN member Johanna Bossard, participated in the conference.

“The virtual DairyFAN conference was a great way to be able to network and interact with social media advocates from not only our state but from across our nation! I am excited to implement the new ideas I acquired in my own social media advocacy.â€_x009d_ — Johanna Bossard

Guest speaker “New Mexico Milkmaid,â€_x009d_ who has a popular social media presence provided tips to prepare quality content to share with viewers. “Tara Teaspoon,â€_x009d_ a dairy-friendly food and lifestyle blogger, also shared her digital experiences.