ADA North East’s retail team began helping local New York retailers stock shelves in mid-March during the height of the pandemic. In all, we helped stock 109,859 units in New York:

Milk — 94,227 units
Yogurt — 9,480 units
Cheese — 6,152 units

Retailers included Acme, Hannaford, Key Food, King Kullen, Price Chopper, ShopRite, Tops, Walmart and Wegmans.

Coupled with increased demand at the store level for favorite dairy items, plus increased purchases during a single trip in order to shop less frequently, stores struggled to keep well-stocked shelves. As dairy is still in high-demand with consumers continuing to prepare more meals at home, “panic-buyingâ€_x009d_ has stabilized.

In recent weeks, our team have been able to return to conducting regular store visits and implementing the Dairy Aisle Performance Program that ensures dairy cases look clean, cold and well-stocked. In a normal year, we make more than 6,000 visits in 1,400 retail stores.