As the 2022 Pennsylvania Farm Show continues this week, so do the calves being born live in the Calving Corner. Walton Farms from Cochranville, Pa., has provided the cows currently on site, and Brook Corner Holsteins from Lebanon, Pa., finishes out the week on Friday and Saturday.

Clint Burkholder of Burk-Lea Farms in Chambersburg, Pa., and his family provided four cows earlier in the week that delivered four heifers and one bull calf – thanks to an unexpected set of twins!

The Burkholder family stands by the calf pen at the Calving Corner at the Pennsylvania Farm Show.

Mother cow watching over her calf

“It was a really great experience for us to participate in the Calving Corner because we were able to talk one on one with consumers who were genuinely interested in the birthing process,” said Burkholder. “It also gave us a chance to explain what we do on the farm and show people that we truly care about the well-being of our animals. We also got to make connections with others and they could see we’re a regular family like them – who just happens to have cows!

Tune in to watch the live births here for the rest of the week.

The Calving Corner is made possible by ADA North East, Pennsylvania Dairymen’s Association, Friends of Farm Show Foundation, Professional Dairy Managers of Pennsylvania, Center for Dairy Excellence, Mid-Atlantic/AgChoice Farm Credit, Land O’Lakes Foundation, Professional Dairy Producers Foundation, Northeast Agriculture Education Foundation, Inc., and additional organizations with support from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.