Dr. Keith Ayoob, renown New York City-area health professional, wrote a “pro dairy” opinion column in the New York Daily News that supports low-fat flavored milk and other dairy products as part of healthy meal options in schools. ADA North East has a long-time relationship with Ayoob through our ongoing health professional outreach program.  His letter was written in response to New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ efforts to remove low-fat and low-sugar flavored milk and yogurt in school menus.

“Studies have repeatedly affirmed that when schools offer low-fat flavored milk options, school meal participation increases and children consume more of their meals and discard less food, getting more of the nutrients they need,” wrote Ayoob.

ADA North East continually monitors dairy-focused issues in the media and works with experts like Ayoob to address potential issues. Dairy checkoff’s crisis preparedness program is in place to activate and coordinate quickly in response to issues, incidents and situations that could significantly threaten dairy sales or consumer trust in dairy.

“While dairy checkoff is not permitted to lobby or be involved in regulatory matters, our organization has solid relationships with relationships with respect health professionals like Ayoob, and other school food nutrition professionals, registered dietitians and anti-hunger associations. We know they are not in favor of any move that would limit options on the school menu,” said ADA North East CEO Rick Naczi. “In addition to our direct-to-consumer marketing programs, our plan is to leverage those relationships and provide intel and data to groups that are able to address this issue through political tactics.”

For more information about ADA North East’s crisis preparedness plan, contact Director of Consumer Confidence Beth Meyer at bmeyer@milk4u.org, or call 315.472.9143.