ADA North East’s retail team recently installed new yogurt dividers and cheese pushers in the Country Markets store in Eastchester, N.Y., as part of our dairy case “makeover” program, Dairy Aisle Reinvention.

Yogurt dividers keep the yogurt containers organized and easy to find. The dividers feature tabs to pull the product forward; are ventilated to keep product cold; and help store employees to clean and stock.

In 2021, yogurt dividers were installed in 148 stores. Since 2012, retailers installed yogurt dividers in 1,869 stores and retailers invested more than $5 million.

Spring-loaded cheese pushers provide easy access to shoppers’ favorite products by keeping chunk cheese front and center in the dairy case. Retailers have invested more than $400,000 to purchase this equipment. In 2021, 61 stores were fitted for cheese pushers, and since 2015, they have been installed in 338 stores.