2023 New York State Fair Butter Sculpture

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2023 NYSF Butter Sculpture Press Release

All aboard for healthy eating! Dairy every day is a healthy way as dairy foods help healthy brains, bones, and bodies grow.

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Audrey Donahue, ADANE Board President; Richard Ball, Commissioner of NYS Dept. of Ag; Arianna Aman, NYS Dairy Ambassador

Jim Victor and Marie Pelton, Sculptors

Elyza Schoeberl, 1st Associate NYS Dairy Ambassador; Arianna Aman, NYS Dairy Ambassador; Isabella Esposito, 2nd Associate NYS Dairy Ambassador; Audrey Donahue, ADANE Board President & Dairy Farmer; Richard Ball, Commissioner of NYS Dept. of Ag

Jim Victor, Marie Pelton, Dr. Keith Ayoob, Audrey Donahoe, Sean Hennessey, NYS Fair Director; Evelyn Ingram, Director of Community & Media Relations for Wegmans; Commissioner Richard Ball

Recycling the Butter

Ever wonder what happens to the butter after the fair? It’s recycled and turned into renewable energy at a local NY farm! Learn more about it in this episode of This American Dairy Farmer.

What happens to the butter sculpture after the New York State Fair?

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Meet the Artists

We are pulling back the curtains and taking you inside the refrigerated butter sculpture case with Jim Victor and Marie Pelton to see how the sculpture is created. They also provide some DIY sculpting tips for those who want to try it at home!

Last Year’s Sculpture

Did you know that the Butter Sculpture, brought to you by New York State dairy farmers, was crafted from 800 pounds of butter over the course of 10 days by artists Jim Victor and Marie Pelton?

Did You Know?

  • It takes 21.2 pounds of fresh cow’s milk to make one pound of butter.
  • Nationwide butter production for June 2023 was 163 million pounds.
  • Americans consume about 6.5 pounds of butter per person each year.
  • Butter was once bartered in exchange for merchandise in general stores of small country towns.
  • Butter has been used as a cosmetic and as a medicine.

Get Your Tickets for the Fair!

There will be no cash sales at the entrance gates or parking lots this year, so be sure to purchase your tickets and parking passes online!

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Undeniably Dairy Shake-Off

The 2023 Undeniably Dairy Shake-Off will take place at the fair at 10:40am EST on Thursday, August 31st at the Chevy Court Pavilion! Which team do you think will win?

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Meet the Host and Judges

We are honored and thrilled to have Ted Long and Amy Robbins host and Michael Tadros, Commissioner Ball, Audrey Donahoe, and Brynley & Raegan Bossard to judge this year’s Undeniably Dairy Shake-Off!


Ted Long & Amy Robbins

Ted Long and Amy Robbins are the hosts of the popular Syracuse radio show, Ted & Amy in the Morning, where the duo has teamed up for more than 30 years. They were named the “Official Voices of the New York State Fair” in 2011 and were both inducted into the New York State Broadcaster’s Association Hall of Fame in 2019.


Michael Tadros

Having worked at the fair most of his life, Michael Tadros and Family have operated concession stands at the New York State Fair, operating under Tadros Pastries and I Love Milk for the past 35 years.


Richard Ball

Richard A. Ball, Commissioner of the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets, has made a living in agriculture his entire life. His inspiration to become a farmer came from his grandparents, who were lifelong dairy farmers.


Audrey Donahoe

Audrey Donahoe of Clayville, N.Y., is the Board President of American Dairy Association North East (ADANE). Donahoe is a sixth-generation dairy farmer and mother of six, and farms with her husband Jeff.


Brynley & Raegan Bossard

Brynley (10) and Raegan (7) were special guests on the first episode of American Dairy Association North East’s digital series “Chef Meets Farm” and host “Fun Farm Facts Friday” on their farm’s Facebook and Instagram. Visit them at @Barbland and White Eagle Dairy on Facebook and Instagram.

Photos from previous year’s Dairy Shake-Off!
Four milkshake-filled cups with the "Undeniably Dairy" emblem, each with a unique decoration.
A couple wearing masks holding up a milkshake glass with a straw as a reward.

Must-See Attractions at the Fair

Dairy Day – August 31st

Undeniably Dairy Shake-off – The 2023 Undeniably Dairy Shake-Off will take place at the fair at 10:45am EST on Thursday, August 31st at the Chevy Court Pavilion!

Dairy Products Building

  • Milk Bar – A New State Fair tradition for many is visiting the Milk bar for perfectly chilled cups of $.25 cent milk. The New York State Milk Bar Operated by Cornell Cooperative Extension will serve White and Chocolate Milk, on tap every day during the Fair.
  • Butter Sculpture – The Butter Sculpture is a New York State Fair must see! The Butter Sculpture, brought to you by New York State dairy farmers, was crafted from 800 pounds of butter over the course of 10 days by artists Jim Victor and Marie Pelton. It is one of the most iconic stops to visit at the New York State Fair.

Dairy Cattle Barn

  • Dairy Cattle Shows – Youth and adult exhibitors will compete in their respective breed and age divisions culminating with the selection of Supreme Champion of the New York State Fair! Show schedule can be found here.
  • Milk Parlor Demonstrations Throughout the duration of the fair exhibitors will milk their cows at the parlor located in the Dairy Cattle Barn. Be sure to stop by the barn for the schedule of milking times and to take some time off your feet to enjoy engaging farm videos at the milk parlor.

Dairy Cow Birthing Center

  • 10 years running the NY Animal Agriculture Coalition will provide fairgoers the opportunity to see some udder miracles. Dairy Cow Birthing Center will provide a one-of-a-kind experience for their visitors. To learn more click here.

Relive the State Fair at Home

The fair doesn’t have to end once you go home! One of our favorite parts of the fair is the food! Relive it at home with these recipes, courtesy of our friends at Savor Recipes.