It’s time for another week at home with the kids. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with some educational fun each day with week (March 23-27). We’re going to post a video with Farmer Katie (and her cow, Snickerdoodle!) each day at 10am. Each day will feature a different topic. Farmer Katie will teach kids about caring for calves, cow car, cow nutrition, milking and using dairy.

Each video from Monday – Thursday will be pre-recorded and published at 10am. However, on Friday, we’ll be on Facebook Live with Farmer Katie (and, of course, Snickerdoodle!).

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Monday 3/23/20: Calf Care

Learn all about a calf’s life on the farm is like.

Post Video Activity – Calf Coloring Page

Tuesday 3/24/20: Cow Care

Farmer Katie goes over how cow’s spend their days and discover what they sleep on, how long they sleep, and what their housing looks like.

Post Video Activity – Cow Care Coloring Page

Wednesday 3/25/20: Cow Nutrition

What do cows eat? Katie breaks down a cow’s typical diet and how they help with food waste.

Post Video Activity – Cow Nutrition Coloring Page

Thursday 3/26/20: Milking

Take a peek inside the milking parlor and learn how cows are milked, how often they are milked, and how much milk a cow typically produces in one day.

Post Video Activity – Milking Coloring Page

Friday 3/27/20: Baking with Farmer Katie

Farmer Katie shows us how to bake one of her favorite recipes live from her kitchen! Hint: This type of cookie is the name of one of the cows you’ll meet all week!

Post Video ActivityCream Cheese Snickerdoodle Recipe