Using greek yogurt as a substitute ingredient is a great way to cut on calories and boost your protein intake, and this greek yogurt infographic by Greek Yogurt Paradise helps illustrate that.

The great thing about using greek yogurt instead of vegetable oil, mayonnaise and many other calorie rich ingredients is that you can keep eating the food you love. You just make it with greek yogurt instead.

This makes losing some weight after the holidays a lot more pleasant. You won’t have to constantly say ‘No’ to the things you love to eat, and at the same time you will be eating more healthy.

You can implement this method straight away. Making a chicken salad for lunch? Turn it into a chicken salad with greek yogurt by replacing the mayonnaise. Replacing 1 cup of mayonnaise with 1 cup greek yogurt saves you 1361 calories!

Making pancakes for breakfast? Turn them into greek yogurt pancakes by replacing 1/4 of the milk with greek yogurt. A simple twist like that gives your morning an extra protein boost and makes the pancakes extra fluffy as a bonus.

Have a look at the infographic and see how you can start eating healthier by using greek yogurt!

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