Back to School, Sports and Play…You’re Gonna Need Milk for That

Today, ADA North East President Audrey Donahoe from ATRASS Farm in Clayville, N.Y., helped unveil the 2021 annual butter sculpture at the New York State Fair. Themed, “Back to School, Sports and Play…You’re Gonna Need Milk for That,” the sculpture, sponsored by Wegmans, prepares youth to get back to a routine of academics and recreation, and depicts how milk helps energize their return to “nearly normal” activities.

53rd Annual American Dairy Association North East Butter Sculpture: Back to School, Sports, and Play... You're Gonna Need Milk For That.

Joined by New York Commissioner of Agriculture Richard Ball, Evelyn Ingram from Wegmans, and New York Dairy Princess Shelby Benjamin, Donahoe said, “Cow’s milk has unparalleled health and wellness benefits. We’re proud to provide the fuel people need to power through their day, because no matter what your day looks like, ‘You’re Gonna Need Milk for That.’”

This year’s three-part, butter masterpiece depicts teens in a school cafeteria, on a soccer field, and at home gaming. The scenes illustrate that whether in school, participating in sports or at play with their friends, dairy products are an important component of meals and snacks offering essential nutrients to power learning and fuel physical activities.

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