ADA North East recently hosted a free webinar for 535 health professionals, titled “Closing the Gap Between Health and Gen Z.” The webinar focused based on the latest science and research on the role of dairy products – like milk, cheese and yogurt – in health claims that matter to Gen Z consumers like supporting immunity, calm, sustained energy, and digestive health.

Health professionals also gained an understanding of Gen Z consumers – their demographics, behavior, and learning styles around health and wellness, and learned how to translate the science into consumer-friendly health and wellness messages.

Examples were provided on how to manage lactose intolerance for improved digestive health and how to consume dairy products for immune health benefits and sustained energy throughout the day. Dairy-centric recipes and resources were provided to help them better communicate directly with their Gen Z clients.

In this video, our speakers provide a recap on the webinar topic.

The entire webinar will be available to watch on demand in the webinar library at