With 81% of milk, 71% of yogurt and 33% of cheese being sold at retail stores, ADA North East focuses on developing and maintaining positive relationships with retailers’ dairy case managers in the six-state region. Retailers report growth in sales when they incorporate our dairy programs into their stores.

Keeping the dairy case clean, cold and well-stocked by making regular visits to retail stores is part of our Dairy Aisle Performance Program. So far this year, our retail team has made 3,776 store visits to make sure milk and dairy products are best positioned in the dairy aisle or in other locations around the store. We’re on target to meet and surpass last year’s total of 7,646 total visits 2,029 stores throughout the region!

Incorporating merchandizing techniques in to showcase the real dairy in the dairy case is part of our Dairy Aisle Reinvention Program. Techniques include customized signage to draw shoppers to the real dairy; featuring local farm families to make the connection to where milk comes from; and providing nutrition and product use ideas. Retailers report significant sales growth when these programs are implemented.

An example of cross merchandising products – like placing whipped cream in the fruit section – can generate up to a 7% lift in sales!

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