As the calendar prepares to turn its page and we welcome the new year, let us look back at 2023 and honor the dedication, resilience, and unwavering spirit of our dairy farmers and the nutritious milk and dairy products they produce for everyone’s enjoyment.


Dairy for the Lactose-Intolerant

Staying true to your resolution for a healthier new year doesn’t have to be tough because of lactose intolerance. Rest assured, people who are lactose intolerant can still enjoy the delicious taste and nutritional benefits that come from the recommended three servings of low-fat and fat-free dairy foods every day.

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Dairy Ambassador Competition

The New York State Dairy Ambassador Program ushered in new dairy promoters at the annual New York State Dairy Ambassador Competition. Arianna Aman received top honors, with Elyza Schoeberl named first Associate Ambassador, and Isabella Esposito selected as second Associate Ambassador.

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Celebrating National Agriculture Week

For 50 years, National Ag Day celebrated the vital role that dairy farming and agriculture plays in our daily lives. The milestone, says dairy farmer Eric Ooms, is just a reminder for people to remember and appreciate where their food comes from.

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Honoring the Earth, Every Day

Caring for their land and animals is second nature for dairy farmers. On April 22, dairy farmers quietly go about their daily routine. They’re making sure their cows are milked, their land is tended to, and that they’re producing a nutritious product. Not just on Earth Day, but every day.

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Cheesemaking Competition

The largest cheese judging event of its kind for American-made cheeses takes place in May. And this year, once again, an award-winning cheesemaker from Pennsylvania clinched a first-place victory with her artisan Brie cheese made with milk from her family’s dairy farm.

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Longstanding Dairy Farming Tradition

National Milk Day and National Dairy Month in June is always cause for celebration! Adding to this year’s festivity, a dairy farm celebrating its tricentennial anniversary with the thirteenth generation currently caring for the land and continuing the dairy farming legacy their family started in 1723!

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Ice Cream Connection

In the heat of the summer, ice cream is a real cool treat. We met a young entrepreneur who forged his own path in opening an ice cream store in Philadelphia. The ice cream brings him a sense of closeness to his family and their dairy farm in Delaware where he grew up.

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Cow Show Competition Leads to Love

With fairs and festivals underway throughout summer, we introduced you to a young couple who first shared glances at the Maryland State Fair while they were both competing cow shows. Dairy cattle showmanship is one way to share how hard dairy farmers work to care for their animals.

A couple of dairy farmers standing next to a dairy cow at the Maryland State Fair.
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Uplifting Nudge from a Dairy Cow

Get ready to be inspired! We shared the story of a courageous, resilient, determined teenager who survived a house fire. Her favorite cow became her pillar of strength during challenging times of her 662-day hospital stay. Fast forward, she’s back to showing dairy cows during the All-American Dairy Show.

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Protecting Waterways with Trees

Caring for the land is engrained in dairy farmers and is part of their daily routine. In October, we arranged to plant over 300 trees on a Pennsylvania dairy farm. Planting trees along farm waterways helps keep water clean and improves quality in local streams that empty into larger bodies of water, like the Chesapeake Bay.

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Savor the Holidays

During the holidays, entertaining your guests was (hopefully) made less stressful with inspirations we highlighted for you through Savor Recipes. There was stuffed turkey and mashed potatoes for your Thanksgiving Feast.

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A Legacy for Generations

One of the oldest dairy farms in Maryland believes conservation is the essence of their work. The Crothers family has spent the last 264 holidays on the same piece of ground they have continuously farmed as a dairy since 1759, and they are doing everything they can to preserve that legacy and carry it forward for future generations.

The Crothers dairy family posing in front of a row of cows at Long Green Farm.
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