The enormous NFL stadiums that dot major cities across the country and are packed to the gills with rabid fans each fall weekend seem like they are worlds apart from a rural dairy farm.

But on this sun-soaked May afternoon in the heart of downtown Baltimore, those worlds came together as one to continue to shine an important light on childhood wellness, exercise and the health benefits of dairy.

Dairy farmer Claire Burdette of Windy Knoll View dairy farm in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania was on hand at M & T Bank Stadium, home of the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens, to speak at the Fuel Up to Play 60 Touchdown School celebration event. These events are held in conjunction with NFL teams throughout the north east to reward participating schools and students with a day of fun activities alongside NFL players.

As part of the festivities, a dairy farmer comes and takes the opportunity to speak to the kids presents about the importance of dairy and answer any questions they may have. Claire, who was joined by Ravens punter Sam Koch, was excited to be on hand and share her knowledge.

“I must say, this is just an amazing event for me, a dairy farmer, to be a part of,” she said. “This is my first Touchdown School event I’ve been a part of and it’s been a great experience being with the kids today.

“It’s a really neat experience to see the love of football join together with the agricultural side. It’s a major incentive for me to be here and to get the word out about what we do as dairy farmers and how important dairy is to kids.”

But that wasn’t the only incentive of being at the event for Claire.

There was a deeper, personal one that drew her in.

“I’m not just a farmer, I’m a mom, too,” Claire said. “So, for me to be here and take part today, it means a lot because this is a look at the future. Not just of my kids, but of the future as a whole. It feels so good to be here and see the kids drink milk and then have a smile on their faces.

“Being here today and talking to the kids about the goodness of dairy, as dairy farmers, this is the future we work for.”