A look back at 2020

2020 started out like any other new year, a clean slate full of promise. Soon enough, the coronavirus pandemic hit. We began wearing masks, social distancing, and working and learning remotely. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we are stronger together. Here’s our look back at just a few of the things that happened this year.


January started out simply enough. Parents looked forward to their children’s return to school and sports activities. Some even stocked their fridge with chocolate milk, a drink that provides quick nourishment and hydration, and has the perfect ratio of protein and carbs to help fuel and refuel athletes. Here’s why a dairy farmer mom keeps her athletic family fueled with chocolate milk.


During the deep cold in the heart of February, our new Hot Chocolate Milk Program helped warm students and powered their day with all the nutrition of white milk. The hot chocolate milk was served in a 10-ounce hot cup with a lid that enabled students to grab their hot chocolate on the way to class. Here’s why more schools are warming up with hot chocolate milk.


March. The month that everything changed. With the spread of the coronavirus, people were going to the grocery store and stocking up on essentials like milk. But they wondered about their milk expiring before they could safely get back to the grocery store for more and if it could be frozen for later. We showed them how to safely freeze milk.

Schools around the country closed. Parents had their hands full working and caring for their children. We offered parents a bit of a break and helped to entertain children with our Fun on the Farm video series. Catch up on Season One!


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As the Covid-19 pandemic raged on, dairy farmers with support of partners stepped up to aid their neighbors and distributed more than 300,000 gallons of purchased fresh, local milk to families in need.

In our time of need, a long list of ordinary people rose to the occasion and emerged as heroes during this health crisis. Dairy farmers across the north east saluted our local heroes with a small gesture of thanks.

The pandemic has had a ripple effect on all facets of life, including sports on both the world and local stages. U.S. Olympic gold medalist English Gardner had words of encouragement for high school athletes to stay in the best of shape and stay upbeat.


Even though children were learning from home due to social distancing measures, our school nutrition heroes stayed hard at work, risking their health to play the pivotal role of providing free, nutritious meals. We honored them for their incredible service to our children.

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In June, we couldn’t help but celebrate National Dairy Month. Farmer Caitlyn took us on a virtual ride on her milking parlor carousel as part of our continuing Fun on the Farm series.


The coronavirus pandemic not only disrupted our lives, but our food supply chain. ADA North East’s retail team stepped up to help local stores fill bare shelves with milk, cheese and yogurt, as stores faced high product demand and shortages of staff.


Along with many of the other disappointment of the year came the cancellation of the New York State Fair. But that didn’t stop us from having fun! Our virtual New York State Fair brought fairgoers some of their fair favorites virtually, including the butter sculpture unveiling, celebrity milkshake contest, and even a virtual taste of State Fair-inspired foods.


Throughout 2020, and despite its many challenges, our dairy farmers continued to produce high-quality milk, while remaining committed to the care of their animals, their land, and being a good neighbor to their local communities. Meet the farmers whose efforts were recognized with the Dairying for Tomorrow Awards.


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Trick or treat? Even Halloween looked a little different this year. Devilishly delicious recipes helped bring some Halloween spirit and fun to homes. ADA North East worked with influential food bloggers to share some scary sips and snacks to make Halloween fun even in a difficult year.


For all the freedoms afforded our country, we said “thank you!” to our military veterans. We brought together a dairy farmer and a chef for a live cook-along on Veterans Day. Both men continue a life of service by producing and preparing food for their communities. Watch the meal they prepared and listen to their stories of service.


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Dairy farmers are passionate about providing nutritious food for their communities. In 2020, that took some different forms — most recently, when some award-winning farms made it easier for local school districts to store and serve milk and other child-friendly dairy items to students.

We know that 2020 was one of the most difficult years. But, thanks to incredibly dairy farmers, we could count on having the delicious and nutritious dairy products we love.

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