In the ever-evolving landscape of school nutrition, having a dependable partner can make all the difference. Count on American Dairy Association North East as an invaluable resource. Our Youth Programs team offers an array of resources to foster student health and wellness and an initiative-taking stance in assisting schools during times of adversity. Here’s why American Dairy Association North East is not just a resource but a dynamic ally for schools seeking to elevate their nutrition programs.

Proactive Support in Times of Adversity

One of our defining features is our proactive approach to supporting schools in the face of unforeseen challenges. During the recent milk carton shortage, we recognized the potential impact a milk carton shortage would have on school meal programs. Our Youth Programs team created a tailored toolkit helping school districts to find ways to continue uninterrupted milk service for all students.

Nutrition Connection: A Hub for Empowering Schools

At the core of our support system is Nutrition Connection, a dynamic online platform dedicated to providing schools with the tools they need to increase meal participation. This user-friendly hub serves as a comprehensive resource center, catering to the diverse needs of nutrition professionals.

Whether you are seeking innovative menu ideas, promotional materials to engage students, or evidence-based resources to boost nutritional awareness, Nutrition Connection has it all. The platform’s comprehensive approach empowers schools to not only meet but exceed their health and wellness goals.

Program Tools and Toolkits Tailored for Success

We are committed to empowering schools with effective marketing strategies. Our team understands the importance of promoting the benefits of dairy and ensuring that students are engaged and excited about their school meals. We offer a range of resources, accessible here, to help your students. There’s information on everything from promoting the benefits of dairy and resource guides for Cheese and Yogurt to downloadable toolkits on our Hot Chocolate Milk or MooLatte programs that support school nutrition directors in keeping students engaged and excited about school meals. The American Dairy Association North East ensures school success by providing ongoing resources for nutrition programs. Reach out for support at