Remember the first time you ate cereal with milk? Neither do I, although I cannot imagine starting my day without it. It might be a new trend for 21-year-old celebrity Kylie Jenner (yes, of Kardashian fame), who recently tweeted that she ate milk with cereal for the first time. Kylie called the experience ‘life changing‘.

If having milk and cereal is life changing, imagine what pumpkin spice milk might do for you!

Why stop there? Go pumpkin spice crazy this season.

Pour milk over a bowl of Kellogg’s Special K or Frosted Flakes pumpkin spice cereal. Or enjoy a tall glass of milk with freshly baked pumpkin spice cookies.

Prefer your cookie with a coffee? We’ve got you covered! There’s pumpkin spice coffee creamer made with real milk and cream for your coffee. Or simply have your espresso and milk in a ready-made Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Hey, you never know, Kylie Jenner might not be the only one who gets a calf named after her for trying something new.

Enjoy these Pumpkin Recipes!