KISS me. Actually, let’s share a bag of Hershey’s Valentine’s KISSES, or any milk chocolate made with real milk! Milk chocolate is one of the best-selling Valentine’s Day candy, helping to make love connections every year. Nearly 67 percent of shoppers bought milk chocolate for their sweetheart in 2017. What a sweet way to say, ‘I love you’.

Hershey’s Chocolate Bar is consistently ranked as one of the most popular milk chocolates in the world. It’s also the favorite of Pennsylvania dairy farmer Brad Rohrer. The milk from his farm, Meadow Lane Dairy, is delivered fresh daily to the Hershey plant in Pennsylvania, where it’s used to make Hershey’s milk chocolate.

“It makes me feel good that we help make fun, delicious snacks” ~ Brad Rohrer

Hershey is one of the few mass produced chocolate milk manufacturers in the U.S. that uses farm fresh milk in their milk chocolate.

That’s a lot of cows! In order for farmers to make milk, their animals need to be well cared for, kept comfortable and stay well-fed. Speaking of that, couples aren’t the only ones who enjoy eating chocolate. Hershey’s chocolate by-products get used as a mix in cow feed on some dairy farms and why not, after all cows love chocolate, too!

Valentine’s #DIY

Make your Valentine a sweet treat…  or pamper them with a chocolate spa experience in the comfort of home.

While there’s no such thing as chocolate overload, in my humble opinion, here are some non-chocolate recipes that you can make for your significant other and still have them feel extra special. Although, adding a few extra pieces of milk chocolate as a decorative side might tip cupid’s arrow in your favor!