There’s a new hot seller at Wegman’s locations in the Rochester, New York area, and that product is found right in the heart of the dairy aisle.

Locally produced Pittsford Farms cream milk, sold in old-fashion glass bottles, continues to grow in popularity and has been in Rochester-area Wegman’s markets since the beginning of September.

Not familiar with cream milk? You’re missing out!

If you’re a fan of whole milk but are looking for something a bit sweeter, cream milk may be for you.

Cream milk is not homogenized, which leaves heavy cream at the top of the milk bottle and skim milk throughout the rest of the bottle. Pittsford Farms uses a special process called vat-pasteurization, in which the milk is heated in small batches to a lower temperature and then rapidly cooled.

Before enjoying their delicious drink, consumers then shake up the bottle, which results in the sweeter taste.

But that’s not all there is to love about Pittsford Farms and its cream milk.

Delicious and Sustainable

Pittsford, family-owned and operated for over the last 130 years just outside of Rochester, uses glass bottles as part of the “Day in the Life” initiative.

After a consumer is finished with one of Pittsford’s glass bottles, it can be brought back to the store for a $2 credit. The bottle is then rinsed and shipped back to the farm, where it is sanitized and used all over again in the bottling process.

A staple of milk in the 1950s and 60s, these types of glass bottles are used 40 to 60 times before they are recycled. So, Pittsford’s milk is not only healthy to the consumer, but healthy to the environment as well.