By now, you’ve probably heard of Gritty. He’s taken pop culture over by storm.

Now’s taking over the dairy world, thanks to two Philadelphia food sculptors.

The popular Philadelphia Flyers hockey club mascot now lives in cheese form.

Jim Victor and Marie Pelton, who’ve long made the butter sculptures for the New York State Fair and the Pennsylvania Farm Show, brought Gritty to life in cheese form with 40-pound bricks of Cabot cheddar cheese for a Philadelphia-area Christmas fair.

“There’s a lot that goes into it,” Marie told “Even though it’s not a portrait of an actual person, you want to be able to give the thing personality. That’s the most important thing: giving it personality.”

Jim and Marie were able to nail down Gritty’s furry beard, googly eyes and other jovial features, but they warned he can’t be eaten. He’s strictly for show.

Check out the entire article as Jim and Marie peeled back the curtain on how they brought Cheese Gritty to life.