Inviting the Community to Help Protect Waterways

All of E-Z Acres’ 2,500 acres reside in environmentally sensitive areas. About 30 percent of the farm lies within a local watershed that provides drinking water to the greater Syracuse (N.Y.) area of nearly 240,000 people. The remaining 70 percent rests above an area that serves as the only water supply for a local village and its 23,000 residents.

With more than eight miles of streams running through the farm’s property and a focus on keeping local waterways clean, McMahon voluntarily sends samples to an independent lab to ensure water quality standards. He also opened his farm to the New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), which who worked with local 4-H clubs to plant shrubs and bushes along streams to prevent soil erosion.

“It’s important for us to preserve this environment because we make our living off a healthy environment. So, if I want my son and future generations to be successful in this business, then we need to be able to hand over an environment at least as healthy as the way we found it,” said McMahon.

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