Installing Solar to Save Energy

Since the Fulper family began farming in Lambertville, N.J., the farm has focused on environmentally friendly practices – including soil conservation, crop rotation and farmland preservation. In 2011, the Fulpers invested in a solar energy system, allowing the farm to increase energy efficiency and decrease their carbon footprint and utility costs, while also having the ability to power homes in the community.

Today, Fulper Family Farmstead still reaps the benefits of solar power and has continued to fine-tune many of their environmental practices. The farm was one of the first in New Jersey to practice no-till farming, which increases water absorption by the soil to limit runoff, and they continue to expand their use of cover crops to control soil erosion.

According to the Fulper family, “Sustainability is important to us because we want the farm to be around and thriving for five more generations.”

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