Welcome to Fun on the Farm!  

Dairy farmers from throughout the North East region have graciously opened their barn doors to give us an insider’s view of modern dairy farming through the Fun on the Farm video series! This series ties closely to our Fun on the Farm lesson plans and teachers and parents can use them to reinforce the activities in the lessons. Bonus, they are FREE!.

Below are links to the Season Two Fun on the Farm episodes and corresponding lesson plans. Feel free to watch the videos solo or along with the lessons. If you want even more farm fun, be sure to check out Season One.

Thank you for joining us and enjoying this unique experience that provides a first-hand look at these dairy farms of the American Dairy Association North East region.


Episode 1 | Farm Technology with Farmer Kelsey

Mapleview Dairy with Farmer Kelsey takes a deep dive into what cows eat and where they spend their time relaxing after they’ve spent 10 hours a day chewing their food (Yes, 10 hours a day!).

Episode 2 | Sustainable Nutrition with the Bossard Family

In this episode, we join the Bossard Family (Farmers Brett, Johanna, Brynley, and Raegan) as they give us a tour of their farm, Barbland Dairy, and show us the sustainable practices they use on their farm to ensure that the land and the farm will be here for generations to come.

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Episode 3 | Cow Care with Farmer Caroline

In this episode, Farmer Caroline, from Dry Creek Farm takes us on a tour of her farm and talks about cow and calf care. She shows us all the ways they care for their herd from housing to feeding and nutrition!

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Episode 4 | Greener Pastures with Farmer Bret

Farmer Bret from Reinford Farms shows us his farm where we learn how his cows are milked on a carousel milking parlor and take a peek in the calf barn. Spoiler alert — The calves sleep on heated floors! How cool!

We also learn how technology is important at Reinford Farms. Farmer Bret uses an anaerobic digester (methane digester) to capture methane from cow manure and food waste and turn it into renewable energy all day, every day.

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Episode 5 | Farm Technology with Farmer Jared

In this episode, we discuss all things technology on the farm! Farmer Jared shows us the cool, new, exciting ways farmers use technology to operate their dairy farms, from feeding (robotic feed pusher) to milking (robotic milker), to cleaning, and keeping cows comfortable and healthy (activity tracker – think of it as a Fitbit for cows)!

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Episode 6 | Nutrition Sums it up with Farmer Abbey

Dairy Farmer and Registered Dietitian, Abbey Copenhaver, from Ivy Lakes Dairy, guides us through a rejuvenating cow-themed yoga flow, walks through USDA’s MyPlate guidelines for nutritious eating, and shows us easy-to-make snacks to make that are both healthy and nutritious.

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Episode 7 | Farm Biology with Oakfield Corners Dairy

In this episode, we join Farmers Jamie and Adam from Oakfield Corners Dairy, as they share some of the science dairy farming. Farmer Jamie discusses show cows, what they eat, what judges look for, and how routine is paramount for their success in the show ring. Farmer Adam gives us a behind-the-scenes look at cow genetics and how he analyzes the DNA to make informed breeding decisions for future generations!

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Episode 8 | Farm Ecology with Farmer Marilyn

Marilyn Hershey of Ar-Joy Farms shows us the steps she takes on her farm to be sustainable. From energy conservation to water and food recycling, to reusable paper towels, learn what sustainability means on a dairy farm.

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