This week, we join Farmer Jared and his cow, Maple Syrup, from Kurtland Farms to learn how they use technology on their farm.

Day 1 | TMR

Maple Syrup and Farmer Jared give us the scoop on what TMR is and how they use robots in the barn to help feed their cows.

Day 2 | Bedding

Farmer Jared shows us how they recycle manure on his farm and turn it into comfy bedding for cows like Maple Syrup.

Day 3 | Staying Cool

Farmer Jared shows us how he keeps Maple Syrup and the other cows on his farm cool in the summer months.

Day 4 | Robotic Milking

Farmer Jared takes us to his milking parlor and shows us how his cows, including Maple Syrup, are milked.

Day 5 | Milk

Learn the delicious dairy products made from Farmer Jared’s milk and meet his youngest farmers and discover their favorite dairy food.