Farmer Katie is back with us for another week giving us a behind-the-scenes look at life at Cow Comfort Inn Dairy.


Springtime means harvest time for Farmer Katie. Learn how crops on her farm are harvested and turned into feed for her dairy cows.


A bed made of poop that’s soft and comfy? You heard right! Learn how Farmer Katie reuses and recycles the manure from her dairy cows to fertilize her crops and make soft bedding.


Warmer weather brings all sorts of changes to the farm. Join Farmer Katie and learn about what is done on her farm to make sure that the cows are comfortable no matter what the weather.


Farmer Katie shows us how she uses the recycled cow manure to make comfy beds for her dairy cows. And watch for a surprise appearance from Snickerdoodle!


In this episode, Farmer Katie shares her delicious Strawberry Spring Roll recipe and a few of her favorite hobbies.