This week, we welcome Farmer Kelsey from Mapleview Dairy! Farmer Kelsey has a fun-filled week for us full of dance ‘mooves’ and mini-lessons on how she uses technology on her dairy farm.

Day 1 | GPS

Join Farmer Kelsey and learn how the technology you use to navigate on the road also helps farmers in the fields!

Day 2 | Milk Truck

A refrigerator on wheels? Farmer Kelsey gives us on the scoop on how milk trucks keep milk cool and shows us another awesome dance ‘moove’.

Day 3 | Pedometer

Smartwatches for cows? Farmer Kelsey shows us how she uses cow pedometers on the farm to track milk production and how many steps each cow takes. Make sure you have your dancing shoes on! Farmer Kelsey breaks down the steps for another dance ‘moove’.

Day 4 | Operations

Farmer Kelsey shows us how they use multiple types of technology in their farm office to make sure all aspects of their farm are running smoothly. She also helps us ‘Shake it Off’ with another dance ‘moove’.

Day 4 | Ear Buttons

Farmer Kelsey goes back to the 80’s for today’s ‘dance moove’ and explains why dairy cows on her farm wear ear buttons.