Join Farmer Renee, and her children, Nora, and Landon, as they showcase some of their favorite ‘dairy delicious’ recipes.

Day 1 | Parfaits

Farmer Renee gives us her tips for the perfect kid-approved parfaits.

Download our printable here and let your kids design their own parfaits.

Day 2 | Pizzas

Craving pizza, but can’t get to your local pizza shop? Farmer Renee has you covered as she shares her personal pizza recipe that can be made with ingredients you have on-hand.

Download our pizza-perfect printable here to design your own pizza.

Day 3 | Birthday

Join us as we celebrate Farmer Renee’s birthday and learn how to make delicious Banana Bars with Cream Cheese Icing. You can find the full recipe here.

How many candles would you need for your birthday cake? Download our birthday cake printable here and add candles and decorations to celebrate you!

Day 4 | Chex Mix

Join Farmer Renee and her children, Nora and Landon, as they give the classic party mix a cheesy makeover.

Practice counting with our Pretzel Countdown printable.

Day 5 | Pineapple Whip

Farmer Renee takes us to the islands with her Pineapple Whip recipe.

Looking to whip up more fun for your kids? Download our Smoothie Mix-up printable here.